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Welcome to AIR VIP, we specialize in global airport concierge services which aims to provide our clients with exclusive travel arrangements. We offer a premium Airport Concierge Service, which aims to reduce the time you spend in airports. The airport environment tends to be very stressful and complicated, with more and more people travelling through the world's busiest airports, travelling can sometimes mean spending hours just dealing with airport formalities. Many people tend to plan ahead for their journeys up to 4 hours before their travel time taking into consideration the journey to the airport, the formalities at the airport and all the other things that make travel stressful. AIR VIP aims to reduce the stress and time that many travellers experience when using commercial aviation.

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AIR VIP officers are fully trained in VIP Protocol and they will ensure a smooth journey through airports. We will deal with all the formalities that passengers do not enjoy dealing with when travelling. AIR VIP will ensure that the time you spend at the airport is reduced significantly by providing an exclusive, private, luxurious and memorable Airport Concierge service. We have been in the hospitality industry for many years and we have been networking with some of the leading companies in the industry in order to enable us to provide our clients with the most exclusive airport concierge services. We are committed to exceeding and aim to always go the extra mile in order to retain our clients and remain a memorable brand.

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AIR VIP specialises in bringing to life your idea of exclusive travel. Providing a global airport concierge service, we make your travel experiences memorable. We're focused on delivering a premium service that lets you enjoy every step of the journey while we minimise the amount of time you spend in an airport. This way you travel in style and comfort, and we look after all of your travel needs.

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