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AIR VIP has seen the increase of demand for security personnel and security drivers in the past few years. Security and the feeling of being safe has always been a priority for some of our clients. Clients feel safe knowing that they have an extra pair of eyes in close proximity, making sure that potential threats are always spotted and dealt with before escalating. Security personnel can be ex law enforcement officers, soldiers, intelligence specialists etc. who are very effective at assessing and preventing threat. They are usually expected to coordinate travel arrangements and provide protection at large events where threat levels are high. There are also security personnel who can travel ahead of clients to assess locations and make sure that everything is in order before the client arrives. A good example would be at international airports before the arrival of a celebrity, our expert security will assess and arrange strategical movements within an airport to ensure minimal interaction from public and to make sure the client is escorted out of the airport safely and in a timely manner.

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The common belief is that security personnel have huge muscles and are trained to fight against any threat that comes their way. This belief is very wrong and we cannot stress this enough. The main aim of our security personnel is to protect our client, safely remove them from any potential danger and avoid conflict as much as possible. The most important part of being a professional security agent is not to stand out from everybody else, blending in is very important and minimal interaction with the client is advised unless otherwise specified. Our team will assess security needs and provide security personnel based on individual characteristics and situations.

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