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Frequently asked questions

What is the AIR VIP Service?

Here at AIR VIP, we provide our clients with assistance through all airport formalities. Our Airport VIP Meet and Assist service provides clients with a personal assistant who can guide clients through all the steps encountered when travelling through airports.

Are these services available at every airport?

AIR VIP can provide Airport VIP Services at over 300 airports worldwide, our services are available at all international hubs. If you require further clarification please contact us on 0800 321 8937 or via email at info@airvipglobal.com

Does AIR VIP offer transportation?

We have been actively working with partners all over the world and we have built a reliable network which allows us to provide luxury vehicles at many locations worldwide. You can contact us to find out if VIP transportation is offered at specific locations.

How do I meet the AIR VIP officer?

The meeting point for departure services will be arranged by the officer and driver if driver details are provided. Otherwise, we will always provide contact information for our officers who will be available to make arrangements prior to the service. Upon arrival, our officers will meet you by the aircraft door or gate.

Are my details kept confidential?

Here at AIR VIP we have very strict policies regarding confidentiality and privacy. The nature of our work means we actively work with celebrities, diplomats and other high profile individuals, therefore, we always keep your details confidential.